Make Big Bucks With REAL Surveys

Make Big Bucks With REAL Surveys
      – by Jim Edwards

© Jim Edwards – All Rights reserved


We talk about surveys all the time in Internet businesses.

What purpose do they really serve? 

It took me a long time and a lot of mistakes to realize
just how valuable they can prove in your Web and info-
publishing business. 

How could we best describe a survey? 

I like to think of them as scouts bringing back information
to you on what your customer base really wants. 

In short, surveys tell you exactly what hundreds, even
thousands, of people in your market want to buy from you.

In a former life I believed in doing things the hard way
and learning (or maybe not learning) from mistakes. 

Not anymore though, now I believe in doing things the smart
and fast way. 

Instead of trying to figure out what people want on my own
(and losing time and money in the process), now I take
advantage of something most people in marketing still don’t

If you ask people questions the right way, most of them
will happily answer and give you the data you need for your

In my FREE special report "Survey Riches" (available free at, I make the
following statement about their value. 

"How any website owner can skyrocket buyer response,
shortcut product development and massively increase profits
virtually overnight using simple survey techniques".

By the way…

I didn’t write that practical report for statisticians, who
wouldn’t agree with it anyway. 

If you got an A in college statistics, don’t waste your
time with this report, you couldn’t handle and profit from
its information.


Because what you know about "stats" has nothing to do with
figuring out what you should sell to customers.

What can the right kind of survey do for your business? 

It can tell you the moods, wants, and needs of your

They won’t buy what *you* think they need, they will buy
what *they* think they need! 

When I finally realized that, my business took off and
never slowed down since then!

At a minimum, every website owner should focus on adding 4
types of surveys
to their arsenal:

1) Website "Exit" surveys
("Why are you leaving without buying?")

2) Current customer surveys

3) Leaving customers surveys 

4) "Most Burning Question" surveys

Don’t make conducting your surveys complicated or
difficult. You can conduct physical surveys with your own
email program, use a script / software installed on your
site, or use a 3rd party service provider. 

If you go this last route, make sure they provide fast
"real time" results with easy visual reporting.

There are four types of questions you can use in a survey:

1) Multiple choice with only one selected answer;

2) Multiple choice with pick all answers that apply;

3) Put things in order of their preference;

4) Fill in the blank.

All of these types of questions can help you find out what
they need to know in the way of offering the right products
or services to your audience.

Regardless of *what* you sell, when first starting out, you
want to design your surveys so that you can find out the
types of information: 

1) What will they buy next?

2) What do they already own?

3) What do they like / love?

4) What do they dislike / hate?

5) What do they need now?

6) What is their current skill level?

You do this by designing your survey with the following
rules in mind: 

- Keep it short and sweet, just a few questions.

- Stay focused on your audience and don’t ask touchy or
private questions. 

- Tell people why you want to take the survey and how you
will use the results under your strict privacy policy.

By the way, I use what I call my "Magic Survey Formula" to
get massive responses and overcome any reluctance to
respond to questions. 

The "formula" basically goes like this:

1. You want to offer an immediate bribe to entice a

2. Make it easy for them to respond with that knee jerk gut
reaction, no thinking, just reactions from their true

3. Tell them up front that you are deliberately bribing
them with something worth more than the time &  trouble
they take doing the survey.

Finally, as a last check on your survey, ask yourself:

- How would you feel if you got an email asking you to take
this survey?

- Would you feel comfortable answering the questions? 

If you can say yes, then go ahead and survey your audience.

Now, how do you find people to take your survey?

I use the following rule of thumb for places to take a
survey and ask people what they think about a particular
subject or product. 

Go any place where they won’t accuse you of spamming or
some other suspicious or inappropriate behavior. 

Your own common sense and prior experience on the Internet
should let you find those places. 

They will include:
- Your own opt-in list
- Other people’s lists
- Newsgroups
- Ezines
- Exit popups on your web site
- Your auto responder
- Discussion groups
- Forums and more!

I can tell you from personal experience that if you want to
take your business to the next level, conducting surveys is
the way to do it!

Surveys help you line up a whole bunch of ready, willing
and eager customers for your product and avoid days, weeks,
months – even years – of frustrating effort *guessing* what
people want to buy!

Jim Edwards is a syndicated newspaper columnist and the
creator of an amazing course that will teach you step-by-
step and click-by-click how to finally create your own
money-making mini-sites…

"Finally! A Quick and Easy Way For YOU to Painlessly Set Up
Your OWN Moneymaking ‘Mini’ Websites… Without Being a
Computer Geek, Buying Expensive Software, or Paying
Outrageous Fees To A Webmaster!"

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  • Tammy

    July 19, 2007

    Wow, Jim, this article is filled with meaty nuggets and on top of that a free report! I know you’ve been told this many times but, YOU ROCK!

    Many Thanks!


  • Jim Morris

    July 19, 2007

    Dude… You did it again! Providing valuable ‘tools’ at ZERO cost. I’m sure someone out there is selling similar, but less valuable, info for at least 97 bucks.

    Thanks for still practicing what others used to preach.

    Wishing you continued success!

  • Albert Grande

    July 19, 2007

    Thanks, Jim. As usual very valuable information. I always enjoy your newsletters and articles.
    How come you not doing this in video format? Did I miss something?
    Tebook about surveys contained lots of valuable contnet with great examples on how ot make surveys. Thanks agaain.
    Keep up the good work!

  • richard akintokun

    July 19, 2007

    Thanks Jim, I have managed to obtained valuable information from you and I appreciate your help. As a struggling newbie without you even knowing you have provided me with a lot of ammunition to launch a successful online career.

    Thanks once again Jim

    Richard from the UK

  • Michael Hall

    July 20, 2007

    Great article Jim, and timely too, i just bought a report on using surveys the other day, and was supposed to start using them ever since i bought marlon sanders ebook, and finally bought a survey script yesterday.

    Thanks so much for all the specifics in this article, we all appreciate it.

  • Abi

    July 24, 2007

    Thanks for the update.
    Can you suggest a program that helps generate the survey


    Affiliate Marketing Introduction

  • Koorosh Vahabi

    July 27, 2007

    Hi Big Jim….

    The report was awesome.

    I wanted to know if we can get the interview you did with Yanik Silver.

    The one mentioned in the report….which you gave away as a gift for those who took your survey.

    I would love to know how Yanik started his online business.


  • Johannes

    August 3, 2007


    Thank you for this great information.

    - Johannes

  • Vicki

    October 30, 2007

    Message for your son-in-law:

    I wish I could say just the right words to make you feel better but I don’t know what to say except I am so sorry that this happened to you. Your courage and sacrifice for your country is appreciated. I do not know how to express how I feel but you are indeed a hero. My heart hurts for your family and I hope you will be on the road to recovery soon. I have been battling an illness and I know the good days and the bad days and the questions of why. But just know that God loves you and cares for you. We are praying for you and your family. If you had the strength and courage to go to Iraq, you have the ability inside to fight and to conquer this obstacle. I hope you have a speedy recovery and get back to 100%. Earlier this year, I lost the left hand side of my body. I couldn’t walk without a walker. It was only a week but with every step I saw myself walking without a walker. I told myself that regardless of what I saw today, that my tomorrow would be different. I praised God when I could put the walker in the closet and walk again. I can only imagine what you are facing but in each of us is the strength to become better. I am reading this book Extraordinary Healing. It gave me hope. My hope is that someone will give you the words that you need to reach deep inside yourself and find that bit of strength that will bring you back to health.

    Your little boy is beautiful and precious. He is worth fighting for and will want his Daddy well. My prayers are with your friends and their families as well.

  • Martha

    February 21, 2008

    I like to use exit surveys with With the audio, it looks much more personal than a ‘surveymonkey’ page.